Deb was extremely helpful in our house purchase. We moved here from the UK and were totally unfamiliar with the mortgage and house buying process in Canada. Deb was very informative at all times, guided us step by step through the process and found us a very competitive mortgage. We would highly recommend her.   S.O.

Dear Ms. White, I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your exceptional service in assisting me with my finances to purchase my first home.

I know and understand it can be difficult when a client of yours is not able to communicate with you in English however, your easy nature and gracious personality had both my interpreter and myself at ease in your company.

I am well aware that due to my personal circumstances my file was a difficult one for you to deal with and yet you handled it with great care and professionalism. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the future brighter for my two daughters and me; we will be ever grateful to you for making our dream come true. Thank you, Deb.   K.C.

Deb is extremely competent in her field. I would suggest she is a leader in the financial service industry and there is little doubt as to why. She was thrown hurdle after hurdle in our file and she dealt with every obstacle with grace, expertise, and proficiency. Deb is very easy to deal with and mkes you feel like you are her number one client everytime!

I would not hesitate to recommend Deb to my family and friends any chance I get. Her effectiveness and ability to doher job in an outstanding manner is definitely commendable. Keep up the awesome work Deb... you rock!   S.

Deb, Thank you for your services. I would love to take the time to comment on a few things I liked about your services. I love how with the use of your email I could contact you at any time to do with any questions or concerns I had to do with our mortgage. It was also nice knowing before hand how much our mortgage would be if we purchased a house at a certain price. It made decision-making and planning for the future a lot easier. You were great at responding right away putting my mind at ease.

Your staff too (especially "family") was wonderful too. When you weren't in the office they were always quick to respond and answer to the best oftheir knowledge any questions I had. Thanks for all the help Deb! You "checking" in on us by email to know how the house hunting was going always made us feel like you cared like a true friend, not just our mortgage broker.

Your friends, D&K H.

PS. We are loving our new home!

I cant thank you enough for all you have done. I'll gladly accept your congratulations and nights without the tossing and turning will definately be a bonus, but as cliche as it sounds, I couldn't have done it without you.  D

Thank you and your team for your help in getting our new home. You wre highly recommended and I will be sure to pass it on.  H

Thank you again for your great service.  This is the third time we have renewed our mortgage with you and every time we are so pleased with the service we received.  It is so nice to be able to go somewhere local where you feel like people care about you, and you actually talk to a person and not a machine.  Again thank-you so much for looking after us.   L & L.H.

Thank you for going the extra mile and taking care of all of our mortgage meeds.  Your professionalism always makes us feel we're in good hands.  Thanks again.  C.I & A.M.

Thank you for al the help. I'm very excited about this house purchase... Any future purchases would love to use you and Sue again... Cheers     G.W.

I found Deb friendly and felt comfortable with her.  She explained everything well and answered questions to help me understand.  I got the best mortgage rate easily and at no cost.  M.N.

Able to look for great interest deals that fit our situation.  Knowledgeable of housing and mortgage market.  Accomodating and personable.  Above all, looks out for clients best interest.  Have been and will be recommending her to other family, friends, acquaintances etc...   R.S. & M.H.

Thank you so much for the re-financing options you got for me.  With your quick and efficient help I am now saving hundreds of dollars every month.  You are awesome.  Thank you.     K.E.

I have only one word for Debbie's services: Exquisite! Due to her diligent work and also the work of the team of real estate agents we have we are living now in our dream apartment that's a beautiful home for us.  We didn't even think that we would buy so fast, we started "just looking" and in one month we were already moved in.  What I really appreciate the most is that everything was done through e-mails.  We are busy people working 9-5 and don't have enough time to run around for meetings.  All the documents were sent online, we would sign, scan, send back and it worked out awesome.  I would strongly recomment Deb White services.    C.C.

Deb inspires confidence, trust and appreciation.  She has chosen and or trained her staff to do like wise.  I feel valued as a client.  No feelings of being rushed.  Its like the staff has no problem with giving me the time I need.  My needs are explored, helping me to understand, myself, what I want and helping me clarify self.  Those needs are then classified and the office does the work.  1st time, April 2006 I left the office thinking "Is this for real, we will see".  2nd time, I walked out knowing all was well!!  3rd time, I kept changing things and they still were so patient and constructive.  Thanks for everything especially for letting me feel part of you.  Good people, good work, now good to feel friends.  J

I have worked with Deb several times now.  She has treated me courteously and respectfully.  Her positivity exudes confidence which relieves me of the stress of big financial decisions.  She has never kept me waiting for a reply or an answer.  I would recommend White House Mortgages to anyone and would not hesitate to use her services in the future.  Thanks Deb.  Life sometimes throws unexpected curve balls but it was very nice working with you again.   C.C.

Thank you for helping us in making our dream come true.  Your helpfulness and guidance made it a lot easier.   Our home is perfect and couldn't suit us better.  If we ever decide to buy another home, we know where to come to.  Thank you again. G&C R

We do appreciate the commitment and effort you put into our mortgage transactions.  One of the things that stand out is that I can email you anytime and as long as it is within the waking hours, you will respond.  R & E B

Thank you for being proactive in looking after our mortgage needs.  You have helped us save money by keeping in contact with us.  Thanks.   C & M

Deb is extremly friendly and helpful. Always taking care of our needs. Makes the prcess street free and easy. We have sved so much money with Debs help. Feel totally confident in White House Mortgages and Deb.  Staff is wonderful as well.  Recommend them to anyone.   D&N M

Deb has proven her professionalism continually over the last eight years for me. My mortgage requirements become her concern until I am satisfied.  She will always be my go to person when it concerns a mortgage.  As ususal, a quality, effective process.  KB

We have known Deb for some ten years and we have been impressed by her professionalism, her ability to relate to her clients by explaining the mortgage with clarity.  G & K

So organized that your work is consistent at any time. You build work relationships so that each mortgage is individualized.  There is a lot of customer trust in our ability to achieve a positive result.  MS

Debbie White was simply our saviour.  We had gone to our bank to get a pre-approval for a mortgage. I was approved for such a small amount I wouldn't be able to by an apartment/condo.  We called Deb and she agreed to meet us on a Saturday morning when her office was closed.  Within 10 minutes I was approved to buy a home. Debbie put us in contact with a Real Estate and lawyer.  Debbie cares.  She took care of us.  I would and have recommended Debbie to anyone looking for a mortgage.  She is fantastic and so are her team.  DG

You and Sue were fantastic! You made the financing process easy and less stressful.  I would recommend you guys to anyone and we will definitely call you if we ever need these services in the future.  Thanks.  CL

Getting financing for our new house purchase was so quick and easy with the staff at White House Mortgages.  Even with Deb away, her professional staff, Sue and Pete, were on it and even met up with us outside the office to exchange documents after hours.  Excellent customer service, fast, friendly and professional.  Outstanding! Will definitely be back to use your services again.  Thanks to all you once again.  S & L

Owning a home was something we had only every dreamed of.  After being refused a mortgage by our bank more than once we were ready to give up.  Deb White made our home owning dreams a reality.  Now were living our dream. Thank you Deb.  K & A

Thank you for all the help you have given us over the years with our rentals and home mortgages.  You are efficient and very thorough. We don't have to worry about any issues. We just leave everything in your capable hands.  It is a pleasure working with you,  I highly recommend you and your staff to anyone looking for their first mortgage or to re-mortgage.  Sincerely,  B & M

Deb is very personabe yet she is still professional; it's been a pleasure.  W & W

What I would say and what I greatly liked was:  no-nonsense, down-to-earth, and available for questions and help. You made it so easy, told us what the next step was, made scarey into fun, told us what we needed to do next, and your demeanor put us at ease. K & P

You and all your staff are awsome!  We recommend you to all our friends and people we know.  We were treated so well when we came to your establishment.  Deb you have such a good sense of humor and your so down to earth which makes people feel so much more comfortable when they come to see you.  You make people feel so so good about themselves when they leave your establishment! I think that  thats' just awsome.  Keep up the great work.  J & N

We were quite impressed.  Our existing mortgage company of 14 years, was putting us through the wringer! Why? Who knows!  When a broker took our application to Dominion, WOW what a difference.  Within hours we had an approval.  Deb you did your job like a chellist in an orchestra.  You got the job done. Our mortgage went through with no hitches.  All is well.  We thank you.   G & M

 It was easy and painless.  What a difference from a bank. I also learned something about lending. Thank you.   J.D.

Thank you Deb for your prompt and efficient service in handling my mortage.  I appreciated your patience and cooperation when my house deal did not close as quickly as anticipated. You were there to guide me and advise me as needed.  Thank you again  even if this is very late getting back to you, you were a pleasure to work with and I hope your wrist healed nicely.    H.G.

I would like to thank you again for your superb service! You turned what had been a three week ordeal with another major bank into a very pleasant experience.  Within 36 hours of my first contact with you I had a confirmed mortgage at great terms.  Be assured that I will call you for any future lending needs.   G.W.

Fast - Non-invasive (I didn't feel like my entire life was under a microscope)  Everything ended up exactly as you told me at the beginning. - Comfortable - I didn't feel intimidated.  Better terms than through bank or credit union. - Inexpensive. - Excellent follow-up.  I have all my papers and even a CD of all the info. - I felt like a customer, not like someone pleading for a handout, or something they are not entitled to, as opposed to my regular back where I requested a simple $2,500.00 overdraft a few weeks later The process took almost 2 hours in the loans office and required multiple signatures and generated more paper than charmin.  Many Many Thanks Deb.   S.B.

As first time home buyers we were unsure of the process.  Deb at White House Mortgages guided us along the way and made it a fantastic experience.  We have recommended White House Mortgages to our friends.  M&D M

Debbie has assisted me on two occasions to acquire mortgages and her friendly, confident and professional manner relieved an otherwise stressful situation.  I  would not hesitate to request Debbies expertise in the future.   M.D.

Dear Deb. It would be my pleasure to contribute my personal comments as per your request.  Because of you and your two Sues, Peter as well, I now have reached a personal goal of mine. My townhouse in Willow Gardens. Being a single mom who works full time, but who had basically no credit to speak of, you went to bat for me. I knew that I could afford to keep the payments up - but no one else did - until  you. Thankyou, for now and always.  D.J.

Very Professional -Attention to detail - Explained things so we could  understand - Went above and beyond - Followed up until every i was dotted and t was crossed - makes you feel confident you are getting the best deal possible - Would, and do, recommend Deb to anyone looking to get a mortgage.  C&C VD

 -I was at the end of my rope looking for a financial institution re a mortgage.-We had been to a few banks, but because of a unique situation, they were unable to help us. - I has driving in my my car one day and heard an ad on the radio about White House Mortgages and Deb White. - I drove straight to White House Mortgages. - When I walked in, I told the staff my story and how I felt virtually defeated. - My husband and I were hoping to do an addition on our home, but we needed to remortgage. - Even though I didn't have an appointment, Deb came out of her office and sat down with me. She understood my predicament and the red tape I was facing. She told me "this is no problem", "I can do this". I was amazed.  My husband couldn't believe it. - We hand another appointment with Deb and she carefully and logically outlined our new mortgage to us. We were absolutely flabbergasted at the low interest rate she was able to get us!! Compared to the bank, it was unbelievable. - Within a short while, we had signed papers and had the money in our bank account! - I would definitely recommend Deb White to anyone looking to renew or obtain a mortgage. She did all the leg work and answered all our questions.    VC

Deb White (Wihte House Mortgages) is the only way we could ever go.  When we first stated trying to buy our house, we jumped over every hurdle the bank gave us, and we were still unsuccessful in acquiring a mortgage.  It was so frustrating!  A friend told us to contact you, and you had our application finished in a matter of days, and approved within a week.  You even worked for us late at night, finishing up so we could secure a better rate while you were suppose to be on your holiday!  There are not enough "Thanks-yous" for what you have done for us, you made our first home purchase an understandable and comfortable experience. (Even though I'm a worry-wart!)  We know with any of our mortgage needs we will be seeing you again.  We both still can't believe how hard you worked for us, to get us the best possible rate and helping us through the process. (She even gave my fiance some helpful wedding tips!)  Thank you Deb!!!    M & J.

We appreciate the service that Deb and her staff provide.  From a remote phone call from part way around the world, she helped us through the scary world of finance.  She done good!       JW

"I found Deb White to be pleasant, efficient and knowledgeable. She made this transaction virtually painless and easy to complete. I would highly recommend her for your mortgage needs. Bravo Deb." MW

"I would like to thank Deb White and staff for the courtesy and hard work that was given to me. Not just once but 2 times.  I would and have recommended White House Mortgages to my friends and to anyone that wants dedicated service and your best interest at heart. Many thanks. Another satisfied customer." LK

I have never in all my years of raising mortgages had such a professional and hastle free time of applying for and receiving a mortgage. I received the best rates possible and it all happened very quickly.  The best part was that...without a fee on my part to White House Mortgages. As far as I'm concerned there is no other mortgage broker out there.  Thank you so much Deb White." PB

 "Great response times to questions - Love the options provided - You really understand what clients are going through and are up against - Thank you." D&J

"Deb helped me through 3 or 4 mortgage financings and refinancings and did an excellent job each time. One of the processes was both novel and difficult, and during the process she did not adandon me. Instead she went the extra mile to see that deal through to the very end. As long as I'm doing mortgages, I intend to work with Deb." KJ

"I just wanted to thank you so much for helping get my life back. You have no idea how amazing I feel to be able to have my credit back." SH

"You are the best! Three years ago, I moved here from Brandon, Manitoba. I bought a house, and all 4 banks I went to would not give me a mortgage. (I have excellent credit and have had mortgages before with the biggest one). It was because of my work. I took a year off but got a job the first day in town. I passed all obstacles but they still said "NO". I had nowhere to turn. I asked for help and was told about you. You immediately got me a mortgage with no problem. Did you ever make me feel good. This year my mortgage came due and again I approached the 4 banks and guess what the answer was? A big NO. I called you up and you set up an appointment right away. You said there would be no problem because of my credit rating and once again you saved the day. Deb, if it wans't for you I wouldn't be living where I am living. I thank you from the bottom of my heart." JB

"We honestly can't thank you enough for your expertise and your amazing ability to get things done. We're so lucky to have you on our team. You really are a miracle worker. You've made us very happy!" A&E

"Being a first-time home buyer, I fully expected it to be confusing and daunting process. It turned out that finding a home was the difficult part as you made the mortgage process easy, simple and fun! Thanks again for the work and efforts of you and your team." KW

"Found Deb and office staff to project a very friendly welcoming environment. to quickly put me at ease in arranging for mortgage needs.  Deb is a very informed, knowledgeable broker that can match the right financing to suit the clients needs at a very competative rate. Found you were approachable and open to any questions and available for follow up on things meriting further investigation. Appreciated the quick response to phone calls, e-mails even when out of town. Went above and beyond when things hit the wall and found that you were resourceful in taking quick action to put things back on track while under pressure of a time restraint. Very satisfied with the outcome of the lender arranged. Feel that the rate and mortgage conditions of repayment are very suitable. Very happy with Deb as a mortgage specialist. Would work with her again or recommend her to new clients. All the best. It was a pleasure working with  you." TR

"We recently purchased a new home and decided to use a mortgage broker for the first time. We chose Deb White as we had gotten used to seeing her picture in the paper and felt like we already knew her. Deb was friendly, efficient and accessible. The whole process was virtually painless and Deb was able to get us a much lower interest rate than the one offered to us by our personal banker. We would (and do) wholeheartedly recommend Deb to anyone buying or re-financing." D&L

"Wanted to say thanks for all of your services!! I'm enjoying the new place. You made it stresss free and reliable, especially working a full time job." RR

"I was very pleased with the service at White House Mortgages.  Debbie was very joyful and really listened to what I have to say and was so quick to get things done. Debbie was very thourough. Debbie stood behind me and she really believed in me. I have never been explained before what exactly I was getting into and has given me a copy on CD of all my info. Debbie explained to me about my taxes and how I could save money going through the city, gotta love that. Debbie is very real and straight forward. You know what to expect every step of the way. I have worked with her for over 18 years and have enjoyed having her in my life and will always continue to work with her." SH

"Having lived & worked abroad for many years before stating a new business, my partner and I were seen as high-risk home owners. We tried once for a mortgage, unsuccessfully, with a different broker. Our realtor recommended Deb White because of so many of his clients had been raving about her.  I'm delighted to say that our realtor was 100% correct. Despite the tricky case we were handing her, she found an angle and made us the ecstatic owners of our dream home. She has an amazing ability to make things happen, and she never gives up. We left her office jumping and shouting delightedly after signing the papers. A huge thanks to Deb White and he amazing team of miracle-workers." E&A

"Dealing with someone who knows the mortgage business inside out - Caring for the client to make sure the best deal is given, far more flexible than banks. Makes sure the best deal is given to customers for the customers financial benefit. Best rates ever. Quick and efficient. Pleasure to work with Deb. what seems stressful is relaxing and makes sense when dealing with Deb. Deb explains it all, with all possible options. She makes it all go smooth and easy.  Looking forward to dong more deals with Deb." GD

"Was pre-approved for a mortgage within 24 hours.  We could have closed the deal in one week, all the required documents with Deb White at White House Mortgages were ready and we could have closed but the vendor couldn't pull it togther.  Deb White works in conjuction with a legal firm and they were able to "fit me in" as a favour to Deb White.  Everything went smooth and efficitently."  TS

"Working with Deb White proved to be an "enjoyable" financial experience (as hard as it is to imagine financed being "enjoyable").  Deb and Sue both went above and beyond. I know that I was not easy to deal with but Deb and Sue managed to keep my calm... not an easy job at all....... AS.

"Deb White helped is with our re-mortgageing needs quickly, efficiently and professionally.  Her friendly and out going personality sets the tone for a relaxed time while going through financial details  She gets to the point quickly and thoroughly.  We have alredy recommended Deb White to a friend of ours and they said they too were very impressed with Deb Whites work.  Thanks Deb White.  We appreciate what you did for us!! We will recommend you at every opportunity!!"  NG

"Deb is fast, friendly and efficient.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends & family."

"Dear Deb,
Thank you for all your help, you made our first home buying experience a breeze.  Your availability and knowledge was awesome!  You have a great business and I look forward to buying a house again one day, to get to work with you.  You are someone that I refer my friends and family to, you do a great job.
Thanks again for all your help.  We are totally enjoying our house.  It feels like home!"
K & M

"By far the easiest part of our home renovation was dealing with Deb for the loan.  Now if she could just help us pick out the flooring."
D & E

"Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help.  You make it seem so easy to spend 220, 000 dollars!  We do appreciate it."
A & H

"I have used the services of White House Mortgages twice during the year of 2007.  What impressed me the most about Deb White and her team is that the customer is not treated like another number on an application form.  We were treated as individuals with unique needs and Deb White did everything within her capacity to make it work for us. The event that stands out most in my mind is that after my daughter had experienced a disappointing meeting at another lending institution, Deb White turned the situation around and assisted my daughter in getting the financing for her first home.  Deb White and her mortgage team are absolutely Number One in my books!"

"I would like to thank Deb White for her attention and efficiency to our mortgage needs.  This is the second mortgage that Deb has secured for us and within the time frame that we needed and at an interest rate that was satisfactory for the date we required it.  So in short, thank you for everything and we look forward to doing business with you and your firm in the future."
C & D

"We have been out of the real estate “game” for over 2 years now.  Rent was just a given, a regular monthly bill – our money in someone else’s pocket. Who knew we could buy the place we were living in as we thought getting into a mortgage, in this day & age, was too rich for our pockets.
Thanks to Deb – her advisement & knowledge, within a few short weeks we were the proud owners of our home and no longer putting money in someone else’s pocket.  In fact, our mortgage payments are less than our rent!!! Thank you so much Deb!"
A & D

"Hi Deb, Just received the package containing the CD. What a nice touch! Much appreciated. Your service is awesome, it was a pleasure getting to know you! Thanks for everything."

"Deb is a professional who takes the time to make an otherwise unknown area clear and understandable. She also goes to work for us in a very personal way that makes us feel safe and protected. I would recommend Deb White to everyone seeking financial advice in the most important area of mortgages."

"You are very friendly & up-beat person. Very personable. You never have an issue with situations people bring to you. You have a way of making everything work out. You refer us to others who have panned out to be very helpful."

"Deb White helped us purchase our first house. From the initial phone call, throughout the process and the follow-up, Deb has been very professional and efficient and made our experience stress-free. We would recommend Deb and White House Mortgages to our friends and family, and look forward to doing more business with her in the future."

"I highly recommend Deb White as a mortgage broker. She works with the clients in a very professional manner and goes the extra mile to accomplish results. She is adept at finding solutions to any problems that may arise and keeps you informed of results.
Keep up the good work Deb."

"Very helpful
Quick response
Very pleasant & professional
Easy communication via e-mail"
D & P

"Deb is not what you expect in a mortgage broker she is a whole lot more."
W & C

"Deb. I always find your service excellent! From the first time where you basically approved me over the phone, when the bank hum’d and haw’d thru several appt’s, to my latest purchase. You are always quick, clear, and concise. I have recommended you to several people, and see no point in stopping now. Thanks."

"As businees people ourselves we look for others that have the same concept of good service. That is why our choice was Deb White and White House Mortgages when we purchased our vacation home. We knew that Deb would understand what we wanted in a mortgage and would look after us."

* Personable
* Dynamic
* Positive results

* Integrity
* Confidentiality
* Professional
...never sleeps...always searching to build a better mortgage result.

I always find your service excellent! from the first time where you basically approved me over the phone, when the bank hum'd and haw'd thru several appt's, to my latest purchase. You are always quick, clear, and concise. I have recomended you to several people, and see no point in stopping now. Thanks!"

"What can I say? You're Phenomenal! You have made my buying experience an easy transition. Having had experiences with other brokers I am truly happy that you were referred to me! Thank you again for everything!"

"What can I say, but that your - the best."

"Our experience with Deb White/White House Mortgages have been a pleausre. She focused on our individual needs in our mortgage financing. She made the transactions smooth and worry free. We have and would highly recommend her to look after anyones mortgage needs."

"You and your team made my son and myself feel welcome and cared for. The service was above and beyond what we expected. Thank you for the extra time givin and your thoughtfulness. We love our new home."

*Willing to work with you
*Very encouraging and a very positive attitude
*Gets along with everyone
*Has a sense of humor which is nice when you are stressed out
*Will keep helping to the end.
Thank you so much for all your help!!

  • Made it seem very easy to part with $200,000!
  • Made us feel confident (right away), about getting a mortgage
  • Fast
  • Lots of fun
  • Makes us feel at ease
  • Responds to questions (via email) very quickly
H& A

"As a single mother, I thought my dream of home ownership would take years to achieve.  Thanks to Deb’s hard work and superior knowledge of her industry, my son and I have moved into our “castle” and we could not be happier!  Thanks for all your hard work, Deb, and for making our dreams come true!"

"Thank you Deb for putting together our mortgage deal.  Deb was always in the loop and aware of each step of the process and was able to expedite the closing efficiently. It was a pleasure working with someone so knowledgeable.   We will definitely deal with Whitehouse Mortgages in the future and are comfortable referring Deb White to our friends."

 "To whom it may concern –

          Deb White is very good at her job.  She was very helpful with the renewal of my mortgage.  She is very knowledgeable and will try to find the best deals possible to make the results affordable.  She is friendly, responsible and flexible.  She is willing to meet you after hours and/or on weekends.
I would recommend anyone to see Deb when they are in need of a mortgage or any other financial investments."


      You Rock!  Not only did you do a fantastic job when we bought our first house but you went beyond that when we bought our second home.  You always made us feel like we were “friends” and not just your clients!"
A & S

"We are very pleased with the effectiveness of your service.  You helped us get what we want for a decent price and rate.  Everything we were needed to do was easy to do.  The paper work was understandable, if we did have any questions you were available and helped us through it.

We truly appreciated your help again!"
J & T

  "My experience with Deb WHITE at White House Mortgages was wonderful.  I am a single person with a dependant.  I had never had to deal with a mortgage on my own before and the thought of it was daunting.  She walked me through the process very knowledgeably and efficiently.  I feel very comfortable with my mortgage payments.  I would highly recommend Deb to handle your mortgage needs."

"Hey Deb Rocks!!

She is the best in this world – “wouldn’t” go any place else for mortgage needs.  We love ya Deb – keep up the good work."


"You made our move go with ease and we really, really do appreciate all the work and time you spent on dealing with us.  There is no-one I would not recommend to you for all you had done for us.  In closing we want to THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH."
R & D

"Deb went above & beyond in getting a mortgage for me.  She worked every angle to find the best fit for what I needed.  I truly appreciate her help in making my dream a reality."


    • ·       Works around your schedule
    • ·       Is sensitive to your needs
    • ·       Very professional but relaxed
    • ·       Very much a friend you can rely on




"I needed cash to purchase an investment property in another country.  Just like our last purchase through Deb, it was done in no time!  It helps to have a professional handle all the dirty work."
T & D

"This was the 2nd mortgage Deb has done for us and she worked her magic again.  Deb is very, very excellent at what she does and I don’t hesitate to tell people about how she got us a mortgage when there was no hope of us ever getting one.  I put all my trust in Deb and know she’s the one and will always be #1 in our books. 

Thanks so much from the bottom of all our hearts.  She should be the #1 broker in the Okanagan because she’s good!!"
R & D

"Your services were excellent, Deb.  You are very thorough and worked with me to get the best for me.  I really appreciate all your efforts and hard work."

"Hi Deb,

Deb has been exceptionally helpful in negotiating my last 3 mortgages.  She has consistently delivered a better rate than what I could attain on my own!

Friendly, dedicated and selfless.  Thanks Deb"
B & B

"This is the third mortgage that Deb has successful completed for me.  She does amazing work.  Thanks for all your efforts."

"Thank you Deb for all your effort in finding a mortgage supplier with regards to my situation.  Your professionalism, perseverance and integrity were, I feel, second to none.  Thanks again for all your help"

"One stop mortgage shopping!  Thanks for saving us the time and hassle of going from bank to bank to bank looking for the best rate.  We got the best without the wasted time.  Thanks"
J & J

"You have always been there for us.  You have always dealt with our situation no matter how bad it bas been.  You have never treated us any different than anyone else; we would recommend you and your company to anyone as the top notch mortgage company of Vernon.  My Family, thank you for every thing you have ever done for us."
D & D

"Dear Deb White,

 We would like to thank White House Mortgages for finding us a mortgage that has helped us improve our lifestyle.  The transaction was completed without error and included an informative CD package.  The added touch of follow up after the papers were signed is also appreciated.  Thank you"
L & C


Excellent service, very honorable and quick.  A pleasure to deal with you."
J & M – Lake Country


Thank you for all you have done for us and our new daughter.  The experience with you was great, you gave 110% to get us the right financing.  We have told everyone we know about the excellent experience with you.  I would recommend you to anyone for either their first or hundred and first mortgage.  You were great!  Thanks again"
S & F


  1.       I’m pleased to have the best person, of all times look after my affairs.
  2.       Deb is a friend, that talks to you in words that you can understand.
  3.       If Deb White says “I can get a loan or a mortgage for you” then that’s the truth.
  4.       I will never go through a bank, as long as Deb White is around.
  5.       If more people were like Deb, the world would be a better place to live.

To one of my best friends

Thank you for all the things you have done for me


 "Deb made buying our first home achievable.  She went above & beyond to make sure we understood and felt comfortable every step of the way!  We would not hesitate to recommend her to any of our close friends/family (in fact, we already have)!

Thank you Deb for everything!"
J & J

"Deb is absolutely excellent!  Very professional!  Very knowledgeable and she goes the extra mile to help.  This was my very first mortgage, I knew absolutely nothing.  Deb helped to keep me calm, informed, and I was left with a feeling that I was in great hands.  This mortgage could not have been achieved without Deb’s help.

My co-worker turned me onto Deb and they said I would love her.  Absolutely yes!!

Deb makes things happen!  Part of her extra mile is her unique, caring human side which she shows very genuinely, indeed.  When my mortgage is up for renewal, I will come back to see Deb.  I also will do my utmost best to steer people her way.  Thank you Deb!  You are the best and #1 in my books.  Respectfully,"


  • ·       Most helpful
  • ·       Retuned phone calls in a timely manner
  • ·       Deb White took charge and did all the work for me.  All I had to do is follow her direction.  Paperwork, lawyers meetings etc. all I did was be there & sign.  Deb got me a terrific interest rate & mortgage package.  She did all the work & made buying my house a stress free experience.

I highly recommend Deb White for your Mortgage Broker. 

Thanks again Deb!"


"Pleasant & comfortable experience “Enjoyable”.  Treats you respectively regardless of financial position when applying.  Deb makes you feel like a long time friend.  Keep up the good work!!!"
C & K

"Hi Deb!
You and all your staff are awesome! We recommend you to all our friend's and people we know. We were treated so well when we came to your establishment.

Deb you have such a good sense of humor and you're so down to Earth which makes people feel so much more comfortable when they come to see you. You make people feel so so good about themselves. When they leave your establishment!

I think that's just awesome.
Keep up the great work."
Jake and Nush

 "Hi Deb,

We are very happy with the service we received from Deb White.  I will definitely go back to White House Mortgages for all my future mortgage business.
Thanks for working things out for us"
Dave and Maureen

"In good times and in bad she gets the job done...Deb makes you feel special. Your #1 Deb. Thanks!"

"Hi Deb

Thanks again to you and your staff for the super service from start to finish on this our second mortgage application through your office. As with the first time, everything proceeded smoothly to a successful conclusion."
Al and Gail, Vernon, BC.


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